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Spas in England
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Name:Chewton Glenn
Address:Christchurch Road
New Milton, Hampshire, England BH25 6Qs
United Kingdom
Phone:0 1425275341
Type:Health Farm

Treatments & Programs: Massages (Crystal body massage, Full body massage with hot stones, Mother-to-be massage, Shiatswe body massage, Tension-relief massage), Facials (Equilibrium facial for men, Equabalance facial, Life-force nourishing facial, Primal-radiance facial, Primal-source replenishing facial, Regenerating facial for men), Body cocoon therapies(Celestial maracuja polish, Heavenly gingerlily replenishing cocoon, Purifying grape seed anti-oxidant cocoon, Reawaken enlivening leg therapy, Recharge body polish, Rejuvenating body polish, Relaxing yuan zhi regenerating cocoon, Warming eucalyptus detoxifying cocoon), Hands & feet (Cloud-walking reflex foot therapy, Dream-state reconditioning hand therapy, Float-away reconditioning foot therapy, Palm pressure reflex hand therapy), Holistic therapies (Aqua detox*, Reflexology*, Reiki*), Spa grooming lounge (Jessica nail care manicure, Jessica nail care pedicure, Nail groom for hands, Nail groom for feet, Make-up, grooming). Spa Days Journeys (Renew - Spring (Equilibrium facial for men, Equabalance facial, Tension relief massage, Recharge body polish and warming eucalyptus massage, Warming eucalyptus detoxifying body cocoon and massage, Reawaken - enlivening leg therapy, Primal-radiance anti-oxidant facial, Purifying grape seed anti-oxidant body cocoon and massage, Shiatswe body massage), Radiance - Summer (Palm pressure reflex hand therapy, Cloud-walking reflex foot therapy), Replenish- Autumn (Primal-source replenishing facial, Celestial maracuja polish and massage, Heavenly gingerlily replenishing body cocoon and massage, Mother-to-be massage), Regenerate - Winter (Life-force nourishing facial, Regenerating facial for men, Crystal body massage, Rejuvenating body polish with aromatherapy massage, Relaxing yuan zhi regenerating body cocoon and massage, Full body massage with hot stones, Dream-state reconditioning hand therapy, Float-away reconditioning foot therapy).

Maternity Treatments & Programs: Mother-to-be massage - 60 minutes - A deeply soothing massage and body therapy specifically designed to enhance well-being in pregnancy. You will be made comfortable and the therapist will work on your back and neck, legs and ankles and scalp to relieve swelling, aches and discomfort. Oil blends will condition and rejuvenate body tone while nourishing areas where the skin is most stretched. Emerge feeling calm, pampered, more supple and comfortable.

Spa Facilities: 17-metre ozone treated swimming pool, Hydrotherapy spa pool with hi-tech therapy options, Aromatherapy saunas and crystal steam rooms, Relaxation lounge, Outdoor whirlpool, Cold drench showers, State-of-the-art gymnasium, Dance studio with daily programme of exercise and relaxation classes, Ten treatment suites, Pool bar and lounge with a specially formulated menu to provide great tasting food with healthy benefits, Indoor and outdoor tennis courts, Nine-hole par-3 golf course, Spa Grooming Lounge.

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In The Grand Spas of Central Europe, historian David Clay Large follows the grand spa story from Greco-Roman antiquity to the present, focusing especially on the years between the French Revolution and World War II, a period in which the major Central European Kurorte (literally, “cure-towns”) reached their peak of influence and then slipped into decline.

Featured Spa Event

Mnaitou Springs, Colorado

in Manitou Springs, CO
September 30 through October 1, 2016

Waterfest will bring together, educators, practitioners, water enthusiasts and local residents for three days to explore the geology, hydrology, health benefits, business, culture and history of mineral water. The recently opened SunWater Spa and Wellness Center offers guests the opportunity to soak in the heated mineral springs water that has made the town a health seekers retreat for more than 150 years.

Presentations and discussions at the Manitou Springs City Hall on Saturday, October 1st

- 10am: Geology & Hydrology: Understanding and Protecting our Mineral Springs Aquifers: vulnerabilities, dangers, and creative approaches
- 11:15am: Culture & History: Explore the history of Manitou Springs and the development of global spa cultures
- 1:45pm: A New Frontier in Medicine: Balneology and a new system of natural therapeutics, evidence and applications.
- 3:00pm: Business & Economics: Interactive Roundtable for Mineral Springs Owners & Operators: Challenges & Opportunities for the 21st Century


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